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The Steel City Darters Association for the purpose of this document will be referred to as the SCDA. The SCDA was founded in the dart season of September 1980. The SCDA was formed with a Board of directors of five individuals associated with existing Hamilton and area dart leagues. The SCDA is a nonprofit business which manages three Dart Leagues in the Hamilton area. The SCDA primary function is to promote Darts in the Hamilton area and support Dart players from Youth to Advanced and elderly players.

Discrimination: The SCDA does not practice any form of discrimination. We offer equal playing time for both Women and Men both on their respective playing nights but also on mixed league nights. The SCDA manages Monday night Mixed darts, Wednesday night Men’s darts, Thursday night Ladies darts.

Representation: The SCDA Board of directors is a voted body, elected every two years starting in the year 2002. To be eligible to run for President of the SCDA you must play darts in at least two winter dart leagues per year for the previous two years and be a member in good standing. To be eligible to run for the other positions on the board of directors you must be a member in good standing for the previous two years and remain active in those leagues for the length of your term.

Suspensions: Members will be suspended for any alleged misconduct reported by other members of the association pending and investigation. These suspensions will be for a maximum of one year in length. The SCDA board of directors will investigate the infraction and make judgment. A person suspended has the right to appeal within two weeks of notification. A review board of SCDA executive and his/her accusers and witnesses will be present.

Non Profit Status: The SCDA is a non profit organization and as such have to follow Government regulations. The SCDA must have an AGM (Annual General Meeting) every year. The SCDA must be audited every year and financial reports made available to the general membership and Canada Revenue. The SCDA runs an annual charity shoot. The money from this tournament is donated to a local charity.

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